Sunday, April 29, 2018


This month I painted a figure I got years ago.

It is from the Turkish brand "Altar", sculptor Uhrin Zsolt.
And look at the nice box it is sold!

And what a great sculpt it is, I really like it a lot.
I was afraid with my painting skills to start painting it.

But I gave it his colors, different like the box.
And am quite happy with the way he turned out.

The pictures don't give a good view, but it's the best I can show.
But in real he looks much better.

About Barbarossa there is on the box
a explanation, one side in Turkish,
on the other side in English:

But you can find also info here on Wikipedia.

Seems he was a sort of Turkish pirate,
so I even learned something today!

Hope you liked it, tried to show you something different.
Now back to my Romains, goal 150 before FIGZ...