Sunday, February 11, 2018


This month I have another tribute to someone.
It's my future daughter in law Kristina!

 She is now graduated at the University of Leiden,
and we are all very proud of her.

So I did choose another figure from the Big head figures.
Like I did with the ones I made of Benno and Marjolein.
The original figure name is Paleca as you can see here!
 I got this figure as a bonus item on my hunt of
the Romain solder figures from the Asterix range.
And now I got Kristina as a bonus daughter as well.

This figure was not difficult to paint, needed not much different colors.
And since my painting skills aren't that good, this is the result.
A small side project, next to the Romains on my painting desk.
But I had to put Kristina in the spotlight this month.


Well back to my Romains solders again...
I am interested if someone have them for me, please let me know.
For the next FIGZ, I got a new goal....
So bring them on, hahaha