Sunday, June 12, 2016

Have a break

 This month something entirely different.

A sweet courting couple in a rowing boat.

I think he brings her to a romantic spot at the other side...

The nice way the water passes along the boat..

And take a look at the water behind the boat..

In the suitcase are probably the picnic stuff.

A cool small set is is, really fun to paint!

The set is from Sgts' Mess (nr. NC26)
and is a metal set, with a resin boat

For the fun factor I bought in a store with old second hand stuff,
a cup and a spoon, and I have glued it all together.
For the water I used silicone sealant with some paint.
The color of the water turned out green/brown,
but not in the way I had in mind unfortunately.

I made it special for the FIGZ painting competition,
but the others where better and went off with the Cup...
And at the end of the competition, he was so beautiful in front off the Cup,
I had to take a picture just for fun of it, LOL


So sorry no cup for me, but a blogpost for you!
Only a teacup it is, hahahaha
Hope you like it!!!