Monday, May 21, 2018

Ready in time.... #150

Just in time, 2 weeks before FIGZ
there was a small party on my painting desk.

I finished painting another Romain solder, clean up my brush,
and when I looked back, the solder was holding a balloon!
He was really happy to be number 150!

Okay, I can't tell much about this guy,
only that my goal is achieved in time!

Here a small overview of all 150 Romain Solders

And if you look good, you can fiend number 150


Thats all folks for this month, now it's time to put some energy
into organizing FIGZ in Arnhem.

Next goal will be 200 for FIGZ 2019...
Still looking for more Romains!

These figures are from the chewing gum range 
in the seventies, long agoo!