Saturday, May 29, 2021

Asterix the Legionary


And this month again a Asterix figure...
or a Roman soldier, you may say ...

inspired by the album Asterix the Legionary

I took one of the many Asterix figures,
one without the feathers on his helmet.

The sword and the clothes I cut away...

And from a paper clip with some milliput I made a few spears.

Then I made his armor and helmet out of cardboard. 
The pieces of clothing from some toilet paper soaked with PVA glue.

Finally drilled a hole in his hand, and placed the spear there,
reinforced with some PVA glue.

Then a coat of primer on top, and ready to paint ...

And that's how you turn a famous Gaul into a Roman soldier...

I thought it was a nice challenge,
and you understand that Obelix is
now also coming in his army uniform.

It will be very nice to see those two among the hundreds of Romans!

Avé friends, thank you for visiting!