Thursday, May 30, 2019


As you may know, I organize since several years a small event
called FIGZ to promote the hobby of painting figures.
My son Benno did design a simple mascotte for FIGZ:

It's Nappie with some Dutch fun in it.
He has got a Dutch flag and wears wooden shoes!
I asked my giftson Jurrien if he could design
a 3D vesion on the computer, so we could print it.

And a great result in 20 and 28 mm was born.

And before FIGZ 2019 was a fact, I did paint the first one.

The blacklines painting isn't my sort of speciality
but for once I did try it.

Really like the result, okay some guys can do a better job,
but it sure was personal a fun project for me.

Thanks to Benno, Jurrien and Speira Miniatures
to make a dream come true !