Friday, August 28, 2015

Cleopatra's Taster

From the Asterix comic album "Asterix and Cleopatra":
this month the food taster himself!

He isn't what I got in mind, the paintjob is not to my satisfaction.
And I am not sure about his tongue as well.
But he will look good between the others in my future project!

Anyhow he looks quite like on the original from the comic book:

This guy was green before I painted him,
and yes also from the bubble gum Asterix range from the 70ths


  1. He does look just like the comic. Nicely done on a characterful figure!

  2. Hi Remco,Very Nice painting style on that little Egyptian fellow. Yes Indeed. BB

  3. Wonderful work and what a great job!

  4. Hi Remco! I think he looks "Great" all the way around! Lol! And he does look as though he likes his job as the "Food Taster"! Perhaps he has to taste a Lot of food! Your painting is wonderfully precise. I know how hard it is to get the line between two colors to look just right on a textured surface! Keep up the wonderful work... these little guys are a lot of fun to look at!

  5. Great paint job my friend.... looks like you soon have to build a pyramid.

  6. Hallo Remco: heb je dit gezien:

  7. Hoi Sander, ik zie ze inderdaad af en toe op marktplaats langs komen, alleen de kostprijs is me iets te hoog, ik heb er inmiddels al behoorlijk wat op voorraad, alleen de Romeinse soldaten wil ik nog extra hebben, maar bedankt voor de tip!