Sunday, October 25, 2015

Romain soldier

For my future diorama I need a whole bunch of Roman soldiers,
I have decided to paint them all a bit different.

As you can see I did on this one the leather parts under his amor,
also with metallic paint, just because it looks nice.

These Romans are so nice to paint, I hope to find more...
(I need more, so if you got one somewhere.....)

And again a monthly post,
let's hope your'e not sick
of all the Asterix figures
from the bubblegum range!


  1. Wonderful addition Remco, I love the metallic parts.

  2. Not sick of it, I like them! But it's a pitty this picture is not so well, because you've painted this guy so nice (I've seen it in real) and on this picture you can't see it very well. Hopefully we get a lot more Romanians to see and at last the whole army :-)

  3. I continue to be enchanted by this great little project. :)

    Good luck in finding more Romans. :)

  4. I love these little guys... not sick of them at all! I wish I knew of some to send you, but we never got these over here! I look forward to seeing the whole Army!

  5. Nice little fellow.....How many do you plan to paint?? A whole Legion?? Would be great.

  6. Another one finished,and hopefully more to come. I will look into it Remco. OK? BB