Friday, December 25, 2015

Amelia Earhart Christmas version

Today I write this post on X-mas day
to wish all my readers a happy christmas!

And as you can see I painted Amelia Earhart for this occasion.
This is a 28 mm figure from Belt Fed Gaming
Got it on Crisis 2015 from my good friend Peter.
We wanted to do a duel on Bennos figures forum with her!

A metal figure and really fun to paint!
But because it was a december duel I thought to do her different..
No flight jacket brown, but Santa red and white...
The fun part was, Peter had exactly the same idea, hahahaha

Unfortunately I lost the duel even with her glossy scarf 
what is in the picture not reflected right..

Hope you like this figure, I sure do!!!


  1. The Christmas colours look good.

  2. Merry Christmas Remco. Look really great Ms Earhart....

  3. Merry Christmas Remco! Amelia looks Fabulous in her Santa suit! You did a great job with the painting! These tiny figures are fascinating and would be difficult to paint such tiny details!
    Have a Wonderful New Year too!

  4. You've made a pritty little lady of her! I know how much fun it was for you to paint her and I've seen her in real, for me you are the absolutely winner :-D (sorry Peter ;-) )

    1. No hard feelings Angelique! He's your hero!
      And it was a fun duel to do! Remco did a great job on the figure!


  5. That is one sweet figure Remco,and you`ve made a nice job of painting her.Well done. BB