Thursday, February 18, 2021

Squaw making dinner

And again an old figure, from the Atlantic set 1012 Sioux Camp.
It is an Indian woman who is going to cook a rabbit.

I got this figure from my Belgian friend Peter.
When he did sent me the Gold digger
for my duel against Mr. X on our forum.

He send me a lot non violent figures, but this girl
I had to paint for a duel against Peter.
That was part of the deal, so I had to duel again...

Because Peter mailed me his pictures before I started
I would play it fair, so I decided to use other colors.

Even the rabbit had to be brown, not gray.
And I added some white spots on him.
Even gave him a name: Peter Rabbit.

Yeah I lost again, but I had fun painting
Thats where it is all about.
Here you find the DUEL 



  1. Je hebt haar heel mooi geschilderd, je hebt je best gedaan.

  2. She looks great, beautiful colors!

  3. I think she is going to need a bigger pot for th rabbit. Good paint job.