Thursday, July 29, 2021



This month a cool dwarf figure,
with a beer mug in his hand.

I tried to paint it as colorful as I could.
And also not the same colors as my opponent, 
yes because this figure also participated in a duel.

And like always I lost again (with 7 votes).
But it was fun, and I liked my result.

My opponent was my bonus son, who also painted him great, orange hair
and a nice red nose makes the figure even more powerful in my opinion. 
A well deserved winner.

I had added a ring as a secret weapon, with a drop of PVA glue.
A nice little detail.

also a nice little detail on his shoulder..

The figure is from Reeper Bones, a plastic figure with a low price

And we both won a medal for participating on our duel.
Funny detail is that the color mug confirmed the outcome in advance.
How nice is that!

It was fun again, now back to my Romains!
Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Hi Remco! These guys look great! I actually like yours better... But I am an old lady... so I might have a prejudice for gray hair! LOL! Keep up the wonderful work and stay well!

  2. Het was een uitstekend duel en jullie zijn inderdaad allebei winnaars!