Sunday, May 29, 2022

Vlaai for FIGZ

Mhmmm what is that nice smell?

    This must be that pretty lady my good friend Peter always orders his vlaai from, 
before he comes to FIGZ, and now we understand why.... hahaha 

    I got this figure from my stepson, who printed it for my birthday.
It's a own design, made on a website, and I love it!

    Yeah it's a beautiful lady with a sweet cat who also seems to love cake.
    As you can see I tried to make a floral pattern on her apron.

    To make it a bit different, I did go for a somewhat colorful this time.
    This lady is crazy about colorful patterns...

  I painted the cat a bit in the Aristocat style. Isn't it sweetie...

Now I will focus on FIGZ next week,
got a few Romains to show there!

Thanks for your visit, hope you liked it.




  1. Je hebt haar prachtig geschilderd, je hebt leuke kleuren gekozen waar het extra vrolijk door is geworden. Nu weten we waar Peter de vlaaien haalt.

  2. Prachtig, of moet ik zeggen fantastisch, verhaal! Het figuurtje is gewoon zeer mooi en je hebt haar alle eer aangedaan. Zie je morgen, met weer een lading vlaai!