Thursday, November 24, 2022


 This is my lovely wife Angélique

as you can see she loves squirrels
thats is why she loves to visit my house hahaha

I gave the squirrel a white breast, 
I think those are the nicest ones

this figurine has been digitally composed especially for me

the figure is a 3D print I got from Jurrien
together with a figure of myself
which I already showed in June

I tried to make her as I know her with a mixed shirt,
bleu jeans and fancy shoes

I am happy with the result
and love her as much  like the original

Just look how happy she is!
Arent we a cool couple together.

Thanks for watching, hope to see you next month again 

1 comment:

  1. Uhm, "your wife"? 🤣
    Verder heb je het goed gedaan, ik sta er best voordelig op 😇 en je hebt mij mooi geschilderd. En ja, ook samen zien we er goed uit. 🥰❤