Saturday, March 30, 2024

600 Romains

Those who know me know that by now 
I am busy painting my Roman Asterix soldiers.

It would be boring to make a blog post of this every month,
but now that these two are done, I'll make an exception for once.

While the stash on my painting desk is slowly growing,
I have reached another beautiful milestone.

First remove all from the painter's cork, 
and poke again briefly on a Styrofoam plate.

So that looks nice, and ready just in time
for the EME fair in Lingen (Germany).

It has become an impressive army,
when you see all 600 of them together,
yes there are exactly 600 of them now!

It is pretty crowded, but also quite cosy together like this.

Hopefully Obelix will stay away for a while,
because my goal is to get 1,000 Romans ready for him,
so yes I passed more than  half of them now.

Funnily enough, it still doesn't bore me,
it's only 7 different figures each time.

And actually it's a double hobby, not just painting,
but also to find these figures from the 1970s,
which is also quite an achievement in itself.

But then when you hear the reactions at such a fair,
you immediately know what you are doing it for.

Such a huge army attracts quite a bit of attention I can say!

Many photos were taken, so people can still enjoy them at home.

No they are not camera shy, but proudly pose all 600!

Well that was my monthly post again,
as you can see I still paint more than 1 figure a month.
 Just to keep some variation in it,
I try to paint something else as well, as you can see. 
I am quietly continuing towards that goal of 1,000 Romans,
but wanted to show this milestone this month,
and because they were at the fair anyway,
I had a nice overall picture this way.

Thanks for your visit,
I will start looking for new Romans again
and continue painting in the meantime.


  1. Hi Remco! That is Truly impressive!!! I applaud your dedication, both for the painting and the searching for those old figures! They look fantastic! Keep up the great work! :):)

  2. It's very Men in Black. Remco, he's back! The light giver! All Hail Remco!