Thursday, December 23, 2021

Merry X-mas, Cheers

It's Christmas time again..

So I found a perfect lady for this occasion
on the website of Speirra Miniatures 
they sell fantastic 3D printed figures

She was my entry of a duel on Benno's Figures Forum

and for the first time since ages I won, WOW

I gave her a traditional red dress with white details

As you could see on the first picture of this post
I tried to paint reindeer on the mugs

On her back I painted a few extra gold buttons as a detail

I also painted the toenails red, it's Christmas after all 

I am very happy with the base, 
with different colors on the stones it shows pretty real

I made the beer head shine with some silver brush
but that's hard to see on the pictures

I hope you liked her, maybe next year another Asterix X-mas figure.
For now thanks for your visit and 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  1. Ze is mooi geschilderd, maar de base is prachtig geschilderd.
    Joehoe, gewonnen!

  2. Het is een prachtig werkje en een verdiende overwinning! En ik heb voor jou gestemd! Yes, eindelijk gelukt! :-D

    PS: ik heb hier nog een onkostennota voor het stemmen ronselen. Wil je die nu vereffenen of handelen we dat af als FIGZ doorgaat? ;-) Grapje he maat! Echt verdiend hoor!