Sunday, November 21, 2021

Who's hungry

This month a nice other non-violent figure
who just made some hotdogs...

I found this at the Crisis event in Antwerp Belgium
a few years ago, a nice metal figure
Discworld Miniatures has really cool figures

It was difficult to choose the colors, I wanted to paint him a bit colorful
Since Christmas is already around the door, that may have some influence

With some extra stripes I tried to make his white apron a little less boring

I tried to paint the sandwiches and sausages so tasteful and realistic,
with some lettuce to make it a bit more colorful

In the end I'm happy with the end result, 
so enjoy your meal before everything gets cold hahaha


  1. Hij is leuk! Knap gedaan, vooral die sla, hmmmmm.

  2. If that's Dibbler, then in the books he's selling rat in a bun or rat on a stick (and at a price that is practically cutting his own throat).
    But I love what you've done with the model