Sunday, July 31, 2022

Wizzard of Frog

This month a special figure...
A frog, and no it's not Kermit
but a real Wizzard!

It was a Father's Day gift from my bonus son
He printed it in resin in 28 mm scale

This figure was quite outside my comfort zone but
"non violent" so hopefully I gave him the right colors

in his staff are even 2 bird skulls that are attached
with a rope through their eye socket

In his hand he has a beautiful lotus flower
which I have given a golden tint

Some feathers show off on his shoulder

I made the bottles and the bag on his belt extra colorful

you can only see 1 foot,
but those green toes are really funny

for the base I took a metal ring,
and put some stones and grass on it

That was the contribution for this month again,
I hope you liked it



  1. Ik vind hem geweldig! Hoewel erg buiten je comfort zone heb je hem met verf tot leven gebracht. Wat mij betreft zijn dit soort figuren voor herhaling vatbaar.

  2. Proficiat aan jullie beiden. Jurrian voor het printen en jij voor het aanbrengen van de kleur! Gelukkig heb je hem niet geschilderd als een Romein en hem dan stiekem tussen die honderden andere gezet.
    Je moet meer van de deze figuren schilderen Remco.