Saturday, August 27, 2022


This month another scratch figure
starring a shield bearer from the Asterix range
as Butlerix....

I will show first step by step how I made him:


first I cut away his helmet and sword
and then I started on the accessories

From a transparent hard plastic material
I made a tray and a bow tie

This immediately made it clear what the butler would look like
with some PVA glue I made a few buttons on his shirt.

I made his jacket out of paper

Then make a bottle out of a piece of plastic spruel

But I also carefully cut a small cup


Then make the cup hollow with a small drill


Then glue it to the tray, 
and a napkin over his arm from a simple piece of paper

Finally I painted a few colors on him

He didn't become very colorful,
but he did become a real butler in the end


A black jacket, white shirt, and gray striped pants


Luckily I was able to add something of color with a silver tray 
on it a green wine bottle and a gold cup

Yes I am happy with the end result.
It was so much fun to make him.

I hope you liked my scratch,
thanks for your visit



  1. Geniaal en bijzonder creatief uitgevoerd! Je mag absoluut heel trots zijn.

  2. Ik herken hem! Dat is Joop Doderer in "Dinner for one!" :-D Dat heb je weer prachtig gemaakt Remco! Heeft de vlaai je inspiratie bezorgd! ;-)

  3. Absolutely brilliant, great scratch build.

  4. Hi Remco! I Love the Butler! I think he looks very fine.... and happy...! Did he test the wine? LOL! I especially like the striped trousers! :)