Wednesday, March 29, 2023

another (special) Romain solder

This month one of the regulair painted figures.
For those who know me, this is my real painting fun...

But in this case a little bit different then the others,
cause this guy had a broken arm when I got him.
On the left you see the original, and next to him
on the right you can see that I made his arm,
but in a slight different position

Of course I painted him in the famous colors 
as I do with all of these solders

And if you didn't knew, you would not see the difference

And so I reached now the 500+ who had a day out
last weekend at a show in Lingen (Germany)
next goal 600....

I must say they are harder to count now, LOL

But the good news is, I can do something
with the broken solders as well...

That's all folks, thanks for your visit!


  1. Hi Remco! I Love these little guys! I am so glad you can use the broken ones and make them (better?) than new! It helps to have some different ones that can stand out from the crowd! And bravo for reaching 500!! Wow! I will be following still when you reach 600....! :):)