Sunday, April 30, 2023


This month another conversion to make a special figure out of it..
my friend Hans did sent me this small comic about Obelix starting Uberix

So I choose these two figures for it


From wooden sticks I made a small chair, first I placed them on a piece of adhesive tape so they stayed on the right spot. 

Using some woodglue to get all nicely curved parts together 

Then it was time to start the conversion, because the Druïde must be sitting.. 

I cut away his robe and legs, and also his arm 

I drilled 2 holes in both sides, and bended some paperclips for the new sitting position, 
filded it wit PVA glue, repeat that and using paper napkins to make his robe right again. 

In his arm I also drilled a hole, and used another part of the paperclip to bend it into the right position. Some drups of pva gleu on it, and his arm is ready. 

Then sprayed the primer on, and the last part was coloring these famous characters... 

When the paint job was done, I had just 3 parts who had to be glued together 

The Druïde was tired, and sat down 

Ahhh that feels good 

Obelix couldn't wait and held his hands up.. 

And so they went away

With Obelix his new company Uberix

A well way of traveling cheap

And it's also good for the environment, 
with those polluting ox wagons from that time!

And so Uberix brings us to the end of this blog post

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it

Thank you for visiting,
and next time just take a Uberix to come here again!


  1. Hahaha, geweldig! Heel mooi gemaakt!

  2. Prachtige creatie weer mijn vriend! Ik bewonder je inspiratie en verbeelding!

  3. Hi Remco! This is Brilliant! The new business is a great idea! LOL! You have made the figures fit very well! I suppose we have to send a "pigeon" to order a ride ??? :):)