Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Let's talk about electricity this month...
I started to strip this electrical wire...

Then this trainee electrician got to work with it

Yes you see correctly, 
I drilled some holes and then filled 
them thread by thread with some glue

Then it was time for the hairdresser, 
so the scissors went in to make the hair a bit more realistic

From a flattened paperclip I made a screwdriver,
the handle from several layers of PVA glue

Then a coat of primer over it

And with some paint it soon became a clumsy electrician, \
with his hair standing straight up....

I am totally happy with how this figure turned out

But the conversion continues, starting with a bouncy ball, 
which when you throw it on the ground starts flashing...

Wondering what's inside, this one carefully cut open...

It was a very small mechanism with a red and blue flashing light

Just used the soldering iron to replace the switch mechanism for a wire, 
and made a push button on it right away.

In a jar lid I drilled a hole for the push button, 
and made a plate out of foam to cover it

Just testing, yes this is going to be totally fun!

From old plastic material I made a switch box

Just priming this one too, and printed out 
a picture of a burning switchbox to stick inside

That already looks perfect...

Using filler (from crochet), I made a plume of smoke 
that I reinforced with clear varnish.
I also printed out some more signs to stick on the outside.

Then just drawing a tile path in the foam, 
and painting it grey, next to it the sand also coloured.

Then glue the two together, 
the flashing lights are behind the closed door....

Then going with my grass applicayor for the first time,
it soon turned green...

Be careful, of course, 
because we do work under high voltage on this project!

and then this is the final result!

Extra attention to danger of high voltage

To emphasise why his hair stands up hahaha

In this video, you can see how the effect adds some extra in the end!

This was a giant fun conversion project, hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks for visiting my blog!



  1. Geweldig! Zo goed bedacht en uitgevoerd, een topper!
    Gelukkig ben jij handiger met elektriciteit 😁

  2. Wow, Remco, You got very "Flashy" with this one! So much excitement! And what a wonderful result of your experiment with the bouncy ball! Great Work!

  3. Brilliant! Ga dit zondag zeker van dichtbij bekijken (ik heb toch kort haar! :-D )!