Wednesday, January 31, 2024


This month I rebuilt another Asterix series figure, 
from a shield bearer I made the famous Dutch acrobat Adriaan.

First I cut away his sword, and he also got to take off his helmet,
who knows, it might come in handy another time.

With some layers of PVA glue, he regained some hair on his head

Then I bent a thin iron wire into a kind of wave shape.

A quick try on, and his shirt already got the look!

After this, I decided to put his arm in another position. 
So cut loose and drill a hole in the arm and body with a small drill.

Using a paperclip as reinforcement, I put the arm back in place.

I bent the arm into the right position.

As you can see, an opening is created at the back.

But with a few layers of PVA glue, it became one again.

Then pimp his shirt a little more...

And while the primer was drying on the figure, I got to work on some beads.
First with wire, but nylon fishing line turned out to work better.

After painting his simple tenure, I applied the fishing line and beads.

Finally, I gave the balls fresh colours: red - yellow - green - orange - purple. 

All in all, a very simple conversion, but still with a top result.
I am happy with the final result!

And so finally after I made Bassie before, this duo is complete!

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  1. Deze make-over is ook weer superleuk, heel goed gelukt!
    Misschien nog een foto van jouw Bassie en Adriaan samen toevoegen?