Wednesday, May 8, 2024


This month is all about the Eurovision Song Contest,
so I decided to do something with this because 
the Dutch entry lends itself perfectly to it....

So I went looking among my many duplicate Asterix figurines,
and finally chose the shield bearer(s)


From both figures I made a new one by swapping the arms,
this made him exactly as I had in mind.
He also got to take off his helmet.

Then some pieces of paper clip at his shoulders
and on his head in the holes I just drilled.

With greenstuff then build up the shoulder area,
and I gave him as well a nice new haircut .

Then it got its coat of primer....

After which I started mixing some blue paint by color,
something I don't normally do, but I didn't have the right color.


And while painting it came to life,
really nice painting when something becomes as you have in mind.

Tell me, this really is Joost Kleinix after all!

But I wanted to put it on a base,
so I decided to make some flags, 
just like in the music video.

Instead of four I made two, otherwise it wouldn't fit properly on the base.
Two bamboo sticks with just some paper,
with some layers of PVC glue on them, I poked into a half-cut cork.

Of course, I brought a wave into the paper,
which stayed nicely in shape after the glue dried.

Then paint the stars on all sides, which was a less fun job, 
and didn't turn out super tight either.
That European flag is not the easiest one to make.
I had doubts about making it a Dutch flag hahaha.

After sweating quite a bit, I saw nothing but stars.

After this it was time to place everything on the base,
okey the rear view is not super.

But from the side...

But from the side...

But particularly the front, yes I wanted to
him exactly would present it, mission accomplished!

I hope you guys like it,
I purposely put this post online on this day because Joost has his first semifinal,
and of course I am assuming that he will finish in the top 5 at least, 
we will see, the competition is great.

I only can say: The Netherlands 12 points!

Don't know the song Europapa yet,
despite its 24 million views on youtube,
check it out here....
This was my inspiration for this scratch project.

Hope you like it!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

12 points to the Netherlands


  1. Zo gaaf gedaan, jij krijgt van mij douze points voor deze creatie!
    Supertoffe foto's op die Nederlandse vlag.

  2. Van mij krijg je ook 12 punten voor dit figuurtje, al vraag ik me af of je niet beter het hoofd van de bard had genomen! :-D
    Mooie creatie weer Remco en veel succes vanavond!!