Sunday, June 30, 2024

More bones...

This month a figure from stock, 
no idea when I bought it, nor why.

But I wanted to test out my latest purchase, 
the Redgrass holder, 
look how nicely it fits on this!

At the bottom edge is a strong magnet
so you can place it firmly
on a metal surface,
or on the included metal plate.

The figure is not quite my taste,
I decided to make him a bit more colourful
as you would expect.

With some dark wash, he eventually became creepy....

Despite looking quite scary,
I personally did not find it a fun figure to paint.

Well hopefully in the next month a more cheerful figure,
meanwhile I will of course continue with some roman soldiers,


  1. Zeker niet jouw smaak, maar wel gaaf geschilderd! Verrassende kleuren die heel mooi bij elkaar en bij het figuur passen, heel knap gedaan.

  2. Hi Remco! Yes, he is a bit Grim.... ugly in fact... scary especially if you are very small! But the holder works well. :)

  3. Toch een mooi figuurtje! En het brengt je tot rust (doordenkertje!)!
    Prachtig geschilderd!
    Volgens mij heb jij dit ooit op een CRISIS gekocht samen met nog wat andere figuren.