Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Another fun scratch project this month, a witch!

Made of this lady from the famous Asterix series

Since I have plenty of these ladies in stock in my hunt for Roman soldiers, 
I decided to rebuild her, starting by cutting the arm loose,
and using a drill to make a hole the parts.

With a piece of paper clip, I brought the arm into the position I had in my mind.

With some PVA glue I applied some layers so it became one again,
I also drilled a hole in the hand where I also glued in a piece of paper clip.

Then I cut away her nose, and again the drill came along

Bend a piece of paper clip crooked, and again give it its shape with glue.
Of course, I also made a wart on her nose with glue.

Next a piece of electrical wire was glued to paperclip.
As you can see, I exposed a small piece of wire first,
and only removed the rest of insulation after the glue was dry.
With PVA glue, I added another small edge.
It immediately began to look like a broom.

Finally I started with the hat,
on transparent plastic I melted a tuff with a hotglue gun,
then with a ring I could clearly mark the round. And I cut.

Just to be sure, put another hole in here as well
and reinforced with a piece of paperclip....

Then glue the hat to the flat cut head, and primer her

And painted this is the final result.....

Simple, but tremendously fun to make.
And I'm sure I'll be making more witches in this style....

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Ze is geweldig! Een dame naar mijn hart ♥

  2. Hi Remco! I think you have a wonderful knack for altering those Asterix figures! The new witch looks just right.... and I do hope to see an entire Coven before long! :):)

  3. Remco, that's a very interesting conversion and of course great looking fun! BB