Saturday, September 30, 2023


Meet witch Orangina, yet another delightful scratch project.

This time I used this lady from the Asterix chewing gum range.

I started adjusting her arm so just cutting and drilling...

And after some fitting and measuring,
I bent pieces of paperclip into the right position

Then I started on her nose,
which of course has to be a witch's nose.

With pva glue all pieces of paperclip were skillfully hidden

Then glue a piece of electrical wire to the paperclip.
And only remove the protective layer from the wire after drying.

Once everything is firmly in place,
the broom will take some more shape...

Now to pick a matching hat to go with the blobs of hotglue.

Again, I used a ring to mark off the round shape,
a quick cut and done....

After a slice was cut from her head,
her hat glued on and then primed her.

After painting, she immediately started chatting
with her colleague about spells...

But first the photo shoot.
She too has a beautiful wart on her nose!

Simple colours completed it

Hope you are as entosiastic as I am.
This was another enjoyable little project to make.


  1. Geweldig zijn ze, allebei! Ook Orangina mag er zijn, superleuk!

  2. Very interesing,cool and funny Remco. BB

  3. Leuk! Heb jij iets met heksen? Je hebt er ook ooit eentje laten maken voor FIGZ!